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Im Focus: Klassische und/ hybrides Projektmanagement

(pressebox) Vilsbiburg, 29.01.2016 - Projekte in Unternehmen sollen effektiv umgesetzt werden, wofür Maja Schreiber eine exakt geplante Vorgehensweise vorschlägt. Die Beraterin erarbeitet für die Mandanten...
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How many eyes has a typical person?

Our Mission

  • Continuous improvement, customer-specific solutions
  • Appreciative, self-critical, reliably
  • Respect for market and process conditions for the customer.

Project Management

  • Project Management Training (technology, methodology and behavior)
  • Coaching of project teams and project leaders
  • Interim Project leadership
  • Sustainability

Often the results are not given in sustainability, as one would expect. Success depends critically on our experience of the management culture and integration from the employee. So that the desired success is therefore to create a good concept and pick up the people so that.


We work with business partners trusting and include them in our thoughts and actions. We analyze and assist our customers in the Implementation. We create mutual benefit for long-term cooperation. We work as needed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Consultant team will be in 3 languages - fluently. Our consultants have operational experience in various industries from over 150 Consulting projects. Based on this expertise, we work with management strategies for designing a lean company and accompany the Implementation.

Our goal is to increase competitiveness to create as lean and flexible processes, and waste-free work. We achieve this through a holistic approach and support of our partners. For customer-specific questions, we draw alongside a skilled and motivated Consultant team back on our network of experts.